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In the first part of this tutorial, we discussed the prerequisites and some new concepts. In this part, we’re gonna learn how to let webpack compile our ES6+ code into an old version of JavaScript, how to import our stylesheets into our JS file and how to use images also.

If you haven’t read Creating modules in JavaScript using Webpack and Babel — Part 1, please do so in order to be able to follow along with us in this tutorial.

As we said in Part 1, babel is gonna make our modern code compatible with the old browsers -in…

Web development is growing fast, and new technologies are showing up day by day. 10 years ago, the UI of almost all the websites was made with just HTML/CSS and JavaScript. Nowadays, frontEnd developers need to learn node.js, webpack, some other useful dependencies (like babel) and at least one powerful framework (such as React.js, Vue.js… etc).

It’s great to be familiar with webpack and package.json before moving on to learn one of these frontEnd frameworks, that’s why I decided to write this article to remove the blur of those concepts.

First of all, let’s define these concepts:

  • JavaScript module: a…

Can’t stand your current boss?? You’re not alone!! A new survey, commissioned by the international animal charity SPANA, served that 1 in 5 employees hate their boss!!! The survey polled 2,000 British workers. Forty percent of them didn’t think their boss was good at their job, and a third agreed they could perform better than their manager. A fifth of employees say their manager is the single worst thing about their job!! One in four actually look forward to their boss’ vacation more than their own!

A crying girl hiding her lips with a white paper which has a smile drawn on it
A crying girl hiding her lips with a white paper which has a smile drawn on it
Photo by Sydney Sims on Unsplash

Shocking statistics right?? Well, that’s what pushed me to write this article, to encourage…

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