Top 5 best practices employees should follow

Can’t stand your current boss?? You’re not alone!! A new survey, commissioned by the international animal charity SPANA, served that 1 in 5 employees hate their boss!!! The survey polled 2,000 British workers. Forty percent of them didn’t think their boss was good at their job, and a third agreed they could perform better than their manager. A fifth of employees say their manager is the single worst thing about their job!! One in four actually look forward to their boss’ vacation more than their own!

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Shocking statistics right?? Well, that’s what pushed me to write this article, to encourage a better relationship between the employee and his/her boss.

Below are the best 5 practices -in my opinion- to have a good relationship with your manager:

  1. Do not argue with your manager: Please, avoid arguing with him/her because that will give them a bad impression about your personality. Accomplish the duty they assigned you to the way they want, and then show them your own approach on how to better solve/fulfill the same duty in less effort and time. Again, if they reject your approach, then do it the way they want.

I know that these 5 actions are not easy to follow and accomplish, however, once you practice them and make them as habits, your life will be much easier and happier. Having good relationships with your manager and co-workers will make you a healthier and more satisfied person. Have a nice relationship with your manager and co-workers.

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